1991, Amsterdam
The most important element in my work is fun and good energy. I love working with great teams and interesting characters to create iconic images. Outspoken and vibrant and honest. I'm always interested in that other side of someone. Photographing people allows you to find that out - which is a very interesting space to be in. 

I don't consider myself only a photographer as eventually my goal is to combine digital media with the old craft and redefine the editorial culture. In my work this results in a mix of classic photography, and motion, to even more capture the energy of a person or concept. 

I graduated Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2011 and since have been working for various media, record labels and a variety of brands. 

Adidas · Wolford · Sony Entertainment · De Volkskrant · &C · Het Parool · Andrélon · Top Notch · HEMA · Denham the Jeanmaker · Buddha to Buddha · Shoeby · MOAM · Grazia · WE Fashion · Het AD Magazine · JFK · De Bezige Bij · Uitgeverij Spectrum · Universal Music 

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