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  1. Jelka van Houten / Volkskrant Magazine

    Date 25 Mar 2017
    I photographed the lovely miss Jelka van Houten in my studio the other day.. it turned out such a fun meeting and shoot. I remember going through a Helmut Newton book the day before and stopped by an image of a lady wearing a fur coat. Our makeup artist of…

  2. Typhoon / JFK Magazine

    Date 02 Mar 2017
    I photographed Typhoon in my studio for JFK Magazine and it was such a cool shoot and he is the sweetest! 

  3. A personal note

    Date 07 Feb 2017
    After working non stop for all kinds of media the last 3 years I took my first month OFF. The whole month. I nearly suffered a bad neck hernia due to lots of Photoshop marathons and bad posture during shooting. I have shot around 500+ people in those years. It’s…

  4. Jett Rebel / Press photos

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    Assignment.. make some hot photos of Jelte Hair by Floor Kleyne / makeup by Munkhjargal Altantugs

  5. Martin Garrix / Volkskrant Magazine

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    Martin is just sooo sweet Introducing video portraits to my work from now on (or just call it a .gif)For Volkskrant Magazine Interview special

  6. Hesdy & Denise / Het Parool

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    Meet the world champions of kickboxing: living in Amsterdam Noord.

  7. Liesbeth List / Volkskrant Magazine

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    There can only be 1 queen of the chanson….. So I bought her a crown!Makeup by Christel Man (or Liesbeth herself, as when we arrived she already put it on)

  8. Lifes stories / Grazia

    Date 17 Dec 2016
    Featuring Juliette Rot - Nicky Libert - Sarah d’Ghougi - Katarina van Gelder - Merel & Tesse from The Green Happiness Makeup by Aga Urbanowicz / styling by Pascal Joel Weber

  9. Anna Nooshin / Flair Magazine

    Date 17 Dec 2016
    So here’s Anna again Shot by Linda or Sanne or Neville or Shampaine or Negan or Sunny or Linnie…Stulic. Find the answer in this month’s Flair Magazine Styled by Sonny Groo, Makeup by Gwen van Waveren, interview by Fleur Baxmeier

  10. Anna Nooshin / Beau Monde

    Date 17 Dec 2016
    Anna requested me to shoot this editorial for Beau Monde - I usually don’t work for glossy magazines because I don’t feel like it really fits my style (and the other way around). So the editors gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, which was a very nice thing, and…

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